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Advantages of Bitcoin


Bitcoin is steadily conquering new markets – from the traditional financial sphere to the gambling industry. Introducing bitcoins into their business for entrepreneurs opens a number of new opportunities that, according to experts, are changing the content of traditional business models.

The rapid development of online gambling over the last few years has not been without the introduction of new technologies, including the introduction of the possibility of paying for services using this cryptocurrency. Today, there are hundreds of gaming establishments that accept Bitcoins – Bitcoinplay Casino is one them. In this article we will consider the advantages of the bitcoin in comparison with the traditional service.


One of the most popular in the online gambling properties of the Bitcoin is its anonymity. Most gambling establishments require the player to prove identity documents, force to bind a bank card or fill out profiles with personal data. Bitcoin does not have a central bank and is not controlled by government agencies. Due to this, full anonymity of all transactions becomes possible.

Zero or low commission

Another weak point of traditional services is high commissions. Using the bitcoin currency, you will not pay commissions on replenishment (or just a minimum payment to a miner), which will allow you to use your money for playing without any unnecessary expenses.

Quick Payouts

Experienced gamblers know how long sometimes it takes to wait for an application to be processed. Also, for example, the periods of transfers between accounts by banks on average take from 3 to 5 days. Bitcoin transactions are carried out instantly.

Safety and security

Bitcoin protects the highest level of cryptography, so when carrying out transactions you can not worry about the fact that your electronic wallet will be hacked by intruders.


Bitcoin gives the player a chance to bet on amounts like 0.0002 USD. Thus, the doors of online bitcoin casinos are open not only to high rollers, but also to those who just want to play for symbolic money.

Easy start

To make the first deposit, it is enough to create bitcoin wallet. You can do this by visiting the site, downloading and installing a special application. It will provide an opportunity to dispose of Bitcoin funds at your own choice. There are no complicated registrations, age or any other restrictions. To get started you do not need anything other than having access to the Internet.

Technological advantage

Choosing Bitcoin Casino – you choose new technologies, supporting their development and popularization. The ease of sending, purchasing services, excellent divisibility and the highest security is not only what the creators of the innovative digital currency were striving for.

A game without limits

Imagine that you live in a country where not only in real life, but online gambling is prohibited. Yes, you can use the IP address of another country, but at the same time, when you withdraw funds to a bank card, you can most likely encounter difficulties. Your bitcoins will not tell anyone who you are and where are you from. This will allow you to replenish and withdraw funds without restrictions. That's why bitcoin is so popular. You can take advantage of the possibility of playing the bitcoins, even if you do not already have this electronic currency.

All games in the Bitcoinplay casino are available in free mode, or you can buy Bitcoin by exchanging one of your available currencies on exchanges or from private sellers. Play using traditional services or cryptocurrency – it's up to you. We are confident that new technologies will take their place in our daily lives.